Network Security Department of Center for Information System is responsible for maintaining security of information, data, servers, desktops, physical access and KU network.

 Network Security tasks include the following:

  1. Writing and updating the Electronic Network Security policy in KU.
  2. Providing the latest devices and software’s in IT filed in order to protect KU Network, Computers and PC’s.
  3. Evaluating the safety networks and implement in KU.
  4. Providing a secure network for inside and outside KU.
  5. Closing the websites that contrary to Kuwait Constitution.
  6. Protecting computers and servers by using the latest protection software’s.
  7. Protecting KU Mail service from security breaches.
  8. Maintaining the latest security for KU servers.
  9. Protecting the wireless network.
  10. Doing maintenance and checking the work quality for security devices.
  11. Providing cameras system in all KU facilities.
  12. Using the smart card as KU identity for accessing permitted KU building and parking.